DtC's 1-Year Anniversary! - My Message to You

Hello all,

My name is Ammar Akhtar and I'm one of the writers here at Devotion to Cinema. I'm proud to tell you all that today, August 11th, marks the 1st anniversary for this website! I'm not the creator, but I was one of the first writers here on the website. My friend, Daghan texted me asking if I would like to take part in his website. I agreed as I wanted to try reviewing movies, and it was one of the many choices I'm glad I made. Reviewing movies has brought me closer to them in a way I never imagined. I'm very knowledgeable in the field of films as I'm an aspiring filmmaker, and I look to movies for inspiration. Even bad ones can teach lessons as well! This website taught me so much about film and I'm able to communicate my opinions about movies. 

As for goals, I made some in the beginning of the year that I still don't think I've accomplished. I'm going to try my best to achieve these goals by changing my reviewing styles in the future. One of them was to write more often, but it feels as though I'm not writing as much as I hoped I did. I do get busy with other things, but I'll try to give you all at least something every week or so. 

But most importantly, thank you to all the people out there who take the time to read what we have to offer. I value you guys for being interested in our articles. I really appreciate it. I love movies a lot, and just to know that there are people out there who like to read my opinions along with my other friends on the site is just incredible. Again, thank you!

So I hope you enjoyed this letter, and I hope you continue to support us. In the future, I'm sure we'll evolve the website even more by bringing it to more platforms (like youtube). I'd like to try video reviews, so I may do that in the future! I think we all would like to do new things here, so keep an eye out for some news!

From your friend,