What They At Least Did Right: 'Fantastic Four'

This is a new series on our website, where we talk about what bad movies at least did good. This is no way an excuse for how bad the movie was, but it's a way of looking at the movie in a new way because people forget the little things. That is unless, we are talking about 'Movie 43' because it has literally nothing to give credit to. 

We have already reviewed 'Fantastic Four' and we gave it a 1/10. You can read our review here. Like most people, we thought that the movie was a runny mess. However, to brighten your day and to spread positiveness, we will be listing one or two things that 'Fantastic Four' did okay. Here we go:

How They Received The Powers

In the 2005 version of the 'Fantastic Four', the team receive their powers when they are in space as astronauts and an explosion occurs. The team is subject to the same explosion but they receive different powers, which was a very stupid part of the movie. Granted, it's a kids movie but still. In this movie, they at least tried to make the powers different. Doctor Doom mixes with his space suit (dumb but they at least tried), Johnny Storm was set on fire during the teleportation, a lot of rocks enter Ben Grimm's launch pad, I don't know what happened to Reed Richards and Sue Storm is affected by the shockwave of the teleportation. Whew. It's a reach but still a vast improvement than the previous franchise. 

The Costumes 

A lot of people did not like the costumes and BELIVE ME, I am not talking about the horrendous Doctor Doom costume because that turd was just laughable. The costumes of the Fantastic Four somewhat work. They are meant to be scientist explorers and that is what they look like. Or at least, they are a lot better than blue spandex suits. 

Overall, that is as positive as I can get with this movie. It was such a reach but I made it! Seriously, do not watch this movie. It was a total disaster. Can you find any other positive things in this movie? What movie should be next on this series? Tell us in the comments and let's discuss!