Top 5 Summer Movies of 2015

As the summer is unfortunately coming to a close, it's time to reflect back on some of my favorite movies to come out this season. This is based off of my personal thoughts on the movies and whether or not I found them enjoyable. So without further ado, lets kick off this list with #5!

#5: Ant-Man

As I mentioned in my review, Marvel can do anything at this point and make it great. They proved this one more with 'Ant-Man'. I really liked how this was much smaller in scale compared to other Marvel movies. It feels very different than the others, which is something I love to see. It also introduced an amazing new superhero known as Ant-Man! He's a very funny guy who certainly will fit in to the team. Although it didn't blow me away compared to some of the other movies on my list, I still found a lot of enjoyment in 'Ant-Man' which is why it was placed on #5.

#4: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

 Photo credit: Christian Black

'Rogue Nation' was awesome! I found it very enjoyable throughout most of it. Tom Cruise is one of my favorite actors because he's dedicated to the film craft, and to see him do all these insane stunts is just shocking. The action scenes were really great and I loved it all. However, storywise it was kind of weak. I found most of the dialogue scenes very boring and I just wanted to see more action. None the less, 'Rogue Nation' was a great addition to the MI series and I can't wait to see what Tom Cruise does next.

#3: Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron

'Age of Ultron' is the definition of a modern day summer blockbuster. It's got a team of superheroes that fight to save the world from those who want to destroy it. I enjoyed this movie a lot, and it was my most anticipated movie of the summer. It introduced some great characters like Vision and Scarlet Witch, and I loved how they handled Ultron. However, I didn't want to put it too high on the list as I found it too similar to it's predecessor. It felt like I was watching the same thing, only with a new villain and a couple of new additions to the team. I would've liked to have seen something fresh to this movie, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any enjoyment to be found. The action was excellent and everyone had their time to shine (especially Hawkeye!).

#2: Inside Out

I grew up watching all the old Pixar movies from 'Toy Story' to 'Up'. Pixar is very special to me as I also found it very inspiring when I found interest in film. I was disappointed with the content they were producing the last couple of years, but finally THEY'RE BACK! This was an amazing movie that blew me out of my seat. It had so much depth to the characters and it was very emotionally powerful. It was like the old Pixar movies that I fell in love with. Everything about this movie was perfect, and I cannot wait to watch this movie again!


I'm gonna be honest: I had no idea what Mad Max was before I heard about this movie. I didn't know anything about Mel Gibson's iconic portrayal of the character and George Millers brilliant post apocalyptic trilogy. After watching 'Fury Road' I needed to check these movies out because I was shocked immediately after watching this movie. I didn't know that movies like this could be made again. Everything about 'Fury Road' was astonishing. The acting, action scenes, the world! Everything!!!! 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is an example of an excellent action movie. We often get blockbuster movies that are enjoyable, but are filled with an abundance of CGI. 'Fury Road' is such a beautiful movie to look at since it barely has any CGI. It's incredible what George Miller has created. I'm glad I checked out this movie because it showed me that there are still some movies that we can look back at and remember forever. 

So these were my top 5 summer movies! Reflecting back on this summer, it actually had some horrible movies. For example, 'Fantastic 4' and 'Terminator: Genisys'. Overall though, I'd say it was a pretty good season! Hopefully we might get some more hits towards the end of the year (STAR WARS!).