Top 5 Films That Should Get The Alternate Reality Treatment by Aneesh Raikundalia

The future is not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.
— John Connor, 'Terminator: Judgement Day'

Those words in some essence define the human heart of the time warped science behind the juggernaut fan favourite franchise; 'The Terminator'.

I wonder how it must have been for a young James Cameron when he pitched most likely one of the most perfect premises for a film that would turn into today a much maligned franchise.

'Terminator: Genysis' released to low fanfare and a tepid response that killed any chance this fifth in a series had to shine with nostalgia, like the current Box Office King; 'Jurassic World'.

One of the major issues with 'Genysis' is how far it actually deviates from the original reality of the former franchise films. While 'The Terminator' film play with a lot of time travel elements, they don't necessarily end up creating their own alternate realities (despite some plot discrepancies).

'Genysis' begins in the future and thrusts Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) into an alternate reality and takes off from there, in a bid to revitalize this series.

Sadly it doesn't work unlike other recent alternate reality reboot's; ironically both getting muted responses in the past weeks regarding some major news.

Of course I'm talking about the 'X-Men' and 'Star Trek' franchises.

The new Star Trek film series began as an alternate reality reboot and besides the third in the series ('Star Trek: Beyond') it is also getting a fourth instalment.

'X-Men' after a twisted and convoluted franchise reset everything with last year's epic 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', that is getting a Director's cut (Rogue Cut) soon.

Both show how to do alternate reality reboots but also how not to do them. Like 'Into Darkness', 'Genysis' latches itself onto former elements of far superior films and unlike 'DOFP', 'Genysis' at times struggles and refuses to realise itself as a new product living in its former franchise films large shadows.

But alternate realities are fun. Right?

Some movies could do with an alternate reality reworking or freshness. So what about these five?

5. 'Back to the Future'

Low on the list, cause no one and I mean no one (especially 'BTTF' fans) want to see a remake or reboot of this 80's classic.

Hollywood Studios, don't listen to me and try make a remake or some sort of alternate reality reboot. At least leave one cherished childhood film untarnished.

Still it's interesting to think what could be made of an alternate reality where the Doc from 1855 travels a bit too far and helps Marty's son try and work through his father's issues as well as fix his grandparents relationship. Think about it, with 'Back To The Future' and Doc's crazy antics anything is possible.


4. 'Source Code'

Duncan Jones thrilling sci-fi film about an army man used as a means in a time and body displacing device 'Source Code' to stop terrorist bombings in a train, is a slick and smart film that leaves itself open for a sequel that it does not need.

As the films ending reveals, the soldier; Capt. Stevens (Jake Gylenhaal) is actually part of a real alternate reality despite being in someone else's body and it could be interesting if his operators sent men after him in this reality.

Or in a twist actually send other such operators through the Source Code to take him down once he has taken down the terrorist, making for an intriguingly complex cat and mouse game.

An alternate reality of an alternate reality from the original film. Doesn't that sound interesting?

Still one waits with bated breath for its supposed sequel to see where things go.


3. 'Looper'

Taking inspiration from 'The Terminator', Rian Johnson's 'Looper' is a fascinating sci-fi that denotes its characters and films as stuck in a loop, and that time itself plays as such.

It's aspiring, but creates huge plot holes especially with its weird resolution.

Still 'Looper' is terrific silly fun and the film could do with something interesting to inject itself with spark for a possible sequel. One way would be to use an alternate reality to allow the younger version Joe played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, to survive.

This would justify a much wanted sequel of this soon to be cult classic.


2. 'Primer'

Power corrupts is the essence of this mind blowing sci-fi film.

Dealing with time travel and a host of multiple versions of the lead characters Aron and Abe, the film essentially begins with the footnotes of alternate realties being in play.

Still as the open ended film reveals, one version of Aron along with a team is quick to work on a larger Box (time travel machine), the repercussions of which could be massive.

It might in some form reflect on the sub-theme of the original film of how the slightly younger versions are more idealistic as compared to the slightly older corrupted ones with power.

A fascinating dichotomy that could contrasted by the multiple Aron and Abe's against each other. Allowing the duo to grow further apart while reconciling as well in alternate forms.


1. 'Crisis' and 'Secret Wars'

ore about the merging of different realities rather than a specific alternate reality.

Alternate realities make for the most interesting comic book concepts. Take for example Marvel's 'What if' and DC's 'Elseworld' collections.

I mean to think the changes simple points can provide; from baby Kal's space pod landing in Soviet Russia rather than Mid-Western America to the Spider biting Gwen Stacy and not Peter Parker.

It's why the two comic companies can play with a myriad of comic world events due to the convoluted structure of their parallel universes.

So what if the movies can do that as well.

While Marvel's character rights are dispersed. Imagine the merger of alternate realities where the Human Torch (Michael B Jordan) is shocked that he's Caucasian in one world (Chris Evans as Human Torch).

I mean imagine the laughter that would ring as Iron Man quips at how Human Torch (Chris Evans) looks a bit too familiar to Captain America (Chris Evans).

Of course the best is reserved for DC's iconic event Crisis to take place on the silver screen, with the multiple iterations of characters through multiple forms; a Crisis like event film could see DC's new Cinematic Universe meet characters from the TV version as well as past versions.

Batman's like Ben Affleck and Christian Bale colliding, to Arrow (Stephen Amell) meeting Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) for the first time.

It would be mind blowing and set a precedent for the slowly churning superhero film genre.

A few honorable mentions for Alternate Realities would be; 'Coherence' (2013), 'Aliens', 'Triangle' (2009)...What movies or movie franchise would you like to see implement an alternate reality for future possible sequels?