Top 5 Christopher Nolan Movies by Daghan Dalgic

The visionary self taught filmmaker, Christopher Nolan is yet to make a bad film. He has treated us with many brilliant pieces and he definitely needs to be celebrated. That is why today, we count down the Best Christopher Nolan Movies Ever Made. 

5. Inception (2010) 

If you haven't seen this movie, you have probably heard all of your friends argue over it. This movie changed the sci-fi genre with it's brilliantly complex plot. It follows the story of a group of thieves who are able to access people's dreams. The movie has an A-list cast with Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Caine. The movie has mixed thoughts over the ending but this movie achieved to be a classic of the 2000s. 

4. Interstellar (2014)

My choice for putting this movie in number 4 is a very controversial choice, if you have read most of the reviews for this movie on the internet, you'd know that this movie is getting mixed reviews. Many people are calling this movie too complex but for me it was one of the most heart-felt Nolan movies. Unlike Inception, you felt for all of the characters. It is about an astronaut who is sent to explore a black hole for a new planet to live in because Earth is suffering from pollution. During his journey, he has to deal with relativity so he watches his kids grow older while he stays the same age. Matthew McConaughey nails his role and there were many emotional scenes that make your heart shatter. 

3. Memento (2000) 

One word to describe this movie would be "brave". A movie like this has never been done before. It is about a man who has short term memory disorder and he is trying to find the person responsible for his wife's murder through tattoos and pictures. The movie is shown backwards to make the audience understand the main character's perspective. It certainly revolutionised thriller movies. 

2. The Dark Knight (2009) 

The best superhero movie of all time. The Dark Knight amazes the viewer from beginning to end because of its brilliance in all areas. It's a movie adaptation of the classic comic book superhero, Batman trying to take down Joker who is trying to show Gotham the true side of humanity. Heath Ledger's performance became the most iconic character of all time (and the most overused Halloween costume). This movie was a very gritty and a dark take on Batman. From cinematography to writing, this was the perfect superhero movie and it got Nolan the attention he deserves. 

1. The Prestige (2006) 

It's hard to do a movie about magic; the "wow" factor is gone because you do not experience it in real life and that is why there are so few movies on that topic. However, Nolan nailed it. The Prestige is about the rivalry between two magicians played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. This movie is perfect from start to finish. It is written and acted in such a beautiful way that you root for both of the rivalling magicians. You root for them while they slowly turn insane and at one point in the movie, you realise you are rooting for psychopaths. The cinematography is simply astonishing. Overall, this is a movie that is very engaging and dark. 

This is only the beginning of the story-telling genius, Christopher Nolan. This list will have to be updated in the next two years simply because we have no doubt that Nolan will not stop to astonish us through complex stories and marvellous movies.