Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014 by Daghan Dalgic

You have read our Top 10 Best Movies of 2014, now, it's time to look at the other side. Although many good movies came out this year, we can't choose to forget some of the flops so here are the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014: 

10. Sex Tape 

A couple decide to spice up their marriage by making a sex tape that eventually ends up leaked. The movie stars many talented people but the result is 90 minutes of a desperately brainless unfunny movie. Like a road that doesn't lead to anywhere. Even with an adult premise, the movie has many PG like awkward and cringe worthy jokes that rightfully puts 'Sex Tape' in this list.  

Tomato-meter: %18

9. 'Tammy'

When Melissa McCarthy appeared in 'Bridesmaids' and 'Heat', the media and everyone knew she would become the gem of comedy but this movie makes her so annoying and not relatable that you will never want to see any of her movies again. It is about a worker having a bad day and going on a rampage. I had trouble writing the plot because it is very forgettable and excruciating. This was the passion project of Melissa McCarthy and her husband, which is quite sad.

Tomato-meter: %24

8. 'Transcendence'

A group of scientists  build an artificial intelligence with human emotions. Although a semi-interesting premise, you are not delivered a movie but sequences of rhythmless clips. This movie could have been Johnny Depp's comeback, but he wasn't even trying in this one. It neither builds suspense nor make you think. The trailer was full of promise and raised the expectations but no one saw this disaster coming. 

Tomato-meter: %19

7. 'Annabelle'

Everyone had believed that good quality horror movies were non-existent, until 'The Conjuring' in 2013. It was an incredible movie and when they announced that they are doing a prequel, people got even more excited, however it did not deliver. It was a cliche horror film for the first third with creaking floors and mysteriously moving objects. And for the entire film, the doll doesn't even move, it's a spirit that followed it. 'Annabelle' does not deserve to be named as a franchise with 'The Conjuring' at all. 

Tomato-meter: %29

6. 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'

I was really expecting for this to be a good movie. There is a fresh cast, new characters and dinobots but we were still delivered the same Bay-isms. Flat characters, senseless action a never-ending plot. It is like watching dumpsters fight for 165 minutes. It was way too long and there was nothing new. The movie was so obviously meant to be a cash grab that the last third is set in Hong Kong to make money on foreign box office. It's a soulless and desperate movie that is an insult to cinema history.

Tomato-meter: %18

5. 'A Haunted House 2'

A man moves into a new house with his girlfriend and they experience paranormal activities. This is a sequel to 'A Haunted House', which had a few good laughs. This one however is very lazy, contains many unnecessary cameos and very unfunny overall. After the 'Scary Movie' franchise, these types of movies' run is over. You won't be scared in this movie but you will be running in fright to your home.

Tomato-meter: %8

4. 'Quija'

'Quija' is based off the board game and it is about a group of friends who confront their fears after awakening a spirit. To be honest, there really isn't much to write about ... because I don't remember anything. 'Annabelle' was a bad movie but at least I remember a few scenes. This movie has nothing new, very one-dimensional characters and no memorable scenes. The "jump scares" did not even jump me.... Come on! 

Tomato-meter: %7

3. 'I, Frankenstein'

Victor Frankenstein's creation, Adam finds himself in the midst of a battle between good and evil. I praise the movie's CGI but as important as that is, there are other factors the creators should have focused on much more. The motives of every character is blurry. The battle scenes are very confusing. And last but not least, it is very lazy with setting up the world that they are creating. They have changed the classic monster into an action superhero, which is something by itself. Aaron Eckhart will have trouble stitching his carreer up after this movie.

Tomato-meter: %3

2. 'Legend of Hercules'

I think the director took the Zack Snyder filmmaking course. The battle scenes are like very poor remakes of '300'. They have done a very inaccurate job at bringing the most well known mythical tale ever told into the big screen. At least the other Hercules movie starring the Rock had exciting scenes and stayed true. Cringeworthy dialogue will make you uninterested and this is one of those movies, where it really isn't  aware of what it is.  

Tomato-meter: %3

1. 'Left Behind'

Woah... We need to talk about this and leave it behind us forever to never be seen again. I have never seen a pile of steaming crap like this since 'The Last Airbender'. 'Left Behind' is about the rapture and people's reaction to it. This is a gigantic failure in terms of writing, development, effects and acting. Not to mention the constant bible references being shoved down your throat. You will feel dumber after watching this. I think Nicolas Cage just signs a contract for anything placed in front of him because I don't know why anyone would ever like to be a part of this plane crash. 

Tomato-meter: %2

I am sure that there are people who disagree with this list, so please share them. We welcome new perspectives and are interested in them. Let's discuss! What was the worst movie of the year for you?