Top 10 Animated Movies of All Time by Daghan Dalgic

Animated movies have shaped our childhoods and brought things to the big screen that normal movies could not. They have gotten better in plot, imagery and performances throughout the years and they have begun to be not only enjoyed by children but adults as well.  So, here are the Top 10 Animated Movies of All Time.

10. Ratatouille (2007)

Definitely Brad Bird’s one of the most passionate pieces of work, this movie is truly a visual feast. Ratatouille is about a rat that begins an alliance with a chef working in one of the most prestigious restaurants of Paris. It is a dazzling piece of work and I would definitely recommend it.

9. Pinocchio (1940)

Of course, who could forget the classic fairy tale? Even though it was made over 70 years ago, it still amazes audiences with its great plot and beautiful visuals. It is about a wooden puppet who has to prove himself worthy of becoming a real boy. 

8. Finding Nemo (2003)

Over 10 years after its release, people of all ages are still talking about Finding Nemo; it has definitely impacted and shaped many of our childhoods. It is about a clownfish who must find his son lost in the deep ocean. You probably knew that this movie was going to be on this list before you read it.


7. Spirited Away (2001)

The beautifully crafted Hayao Miyazaki classic is about a 10 year old girl’s life in a world ruled by Gods, monsters and witches. It is a fantastical experience that all film lovers will definitely love. Spirited Away has complicated characters, beautiful themes and interesting settings that will make you want to watch it again.

6. The Incredibles (2004)

One of the most fun animated movies ever made, The Incredibles rightfully makes it on our list. The smart humor and a great story line filled with action makes this movie that much awesome. It is about a family of superheroes trying to stay undercover but they must put their uniforms on when a new villain surfaces.

5. Monsters Inc. (2001)

A truly fun movie that everyone has ever heard of. I think the strongest side of the movie is the voice acting.  When the incredible voice acting combines with great visuals, we get Monsters Inc. where a city’s power is generated from screams of children. Two monsters have to decide what to do when they find a kid because kids are illegal in the city of Monstropolis.


4. WALL-E (2008)

With a message that viewers have never seen in an animation, WALL-E became a movie-icon and it’s a very creative movie that is brilliant throughout. It’s about a robot left alone on earth to clean up garbage who falls in love with a robot sent from the humans who are living in space because Earth has too much pollution. Half of the movie has no speech and its heart full physical comedy makes it very entertaining.

3. Lion King (1994)

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of musicals or not, this movie is a must-see. The rightful king Simba searches for his identity and seeks to reclaim the throne from his evil uncle. Disney has gained the respect of all viewers after this movie. The animation is superb and full of iconic songs conducted by Elton John that you have probably heard of even if you haven’t seen the movie.

 2. Toy Story 3 (2010)

Unlike many other movies, the sequels of the Toy Story franchise keep getting better. As Andy grows up, he has to decide what he should do with the toys that he has had, nearly his whole life. Although all the movies in this franchise have made us laugh, it is the final conclusion that was best overall. It is written so fantastically that adults and kids can enjoy it. It’s phenomenal movie that mixes adventure, joy and heart.


1. Up (2009)

There was truly no doubt about my number 1 pick.  An old man flies his house attached to balloons to a mountain in order to fulfill the promise he made to his wife before she died, on his way, he experiences many adventures. Pixar succeeds again with mixing humor and heart. A short montage in the beginning of the movie makes you tear up for characters that you have just met. It is not only an emotionally fun movie but also an incredibly imaginative, creative and a colorful visual experience with characters and themes that you wouldn’t expect to see in a Pixar movie. Truly a Pixar masterpiece!


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