Best Vegetarian or Vegan Characters In Movies and TV

As the number of vegans and vegetarians are increasing, so are movie characters. Although most of them are from animated movies, you will be surprised with how many of your favourite characters choose to be vegan or vegetarian. 

Lenny the Shark ('Shark Tale')

You probably do not remember this Dreamworks movie because it flopped at the box office, but it featured a vegetarian shark. Were they trying to send a message of "be whoever you are" or were they getting desperate for new characters?

Lex Murphy ('Jurassic Park')

The children are usually what people do not like about Jurassic Park and thriller movies in general, but Lex Murphy was anything but. As an animal activist, she chooses to be a vegetarian. 

Shaggy Rogers ('Scooby Doo')

As the hippie that he is, in the original cartoons, Shaggy Rogers is a vegetarian who has a passionate love for all animals.

Manny ('Ice Age')

Quite obviously, mammoths are herbivores which makes Manny one of the first vegetarians in animated movies.

Lisa Simpson ('The Simpsons')

The Simpsons are known for being a dysfunctional family but Lisa is the smartest one of them all. There is an entire episode about the ethics of eating meat where Lisa gets bullied by her family members for being a vegetarian.

April Burns ('Pieces of April')

There is a large chance you haven't heard of this movie. This is a very controversial movie because it is anti-Thanksgiving. In it, April Burns protests Thanksgiving and tries to make her family eat less meat.

Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias ('Watchmen')

Considering what he does at the end of the movie and the fact that he is vegetarian, Ozymandias is one bad-ass character. 

Jules Winnfield ('Pulp Fiction')

Quarter pounder with cheese? No thanks, I will have a veggie burger. It has been confirmed that Jules' girlfriend is vegetarian and for her sake, he is trying to be vegetarian.

Spock ('Star Trek')

Spock is probably the most well-known character for being vegetarian. He has said many times that he finds meat-eating very unethical.

Aang ('The Last Airbender')

Perhaps the best cartoon that has ever been on Nickelodeon or ever on TV, Aang is an air bender and his culture focuses on meditation and serenity. Therefore, Aang is vegetarian. There are a lot of connections to Buddhism. 

Superman ('Lois & Clark')

There are so many amazing things to focus at in the Superman universe, but the creators of this 90s TV show have chosen to explore Superman's love life. In the show, Superman can't understand why humans would choose to eat animals. 

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