Top 5 Graphic Novel Movies by Daghan Dalgic

In honour of the new Sin City movie coming out this weekend, here are the top 5 Graphic Novel movie adaptations. Just to make it clear, we will be excluding superhero comic book movies as that is a list for another day. These are the most successfully crafted adaptations that were successful in winning the audience's and fan's heart. 

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 

This movie is about a boy in love that must defeat a girl's exes in order to win her heart. It doesn't sound that interesting but this is one of the bravest movies you will ever see in terms of craft. It takes the meaning of "Graphic Novel Movies" to a whole another level. The added effects really make this movie flow smoothly and a comedy classic. 

4. History of Violence

A man that truly loves his town and family commits an act of violence to save someone that sets up different chain events that haunt him forever. Viggo Mortensen demonstrates incredible acting in this beautifully done movie. It is a must see if you like crime thriller movies and it definitely deserves a spot in the Top 5. 

3. Watchmen

If you read the graphic novel, it is very clear that Watchmen is a tough novel to take onto the big screen but with minor cuts, they have managed to do it very successfully. It is an incredibly well done movie that has so many memorable characters. It tells the lives of superheroes with different views on the world living in a corrupt city. This is definitely in my Top 5 Super hero movies and I would recommend this movie to everyone. 

2. Sin City

Was there any doubt this wouldn't make it on the list? A phenomenally crafted movie that stands as one of a kind. The incredible acting, mixed with unique editing and directing makes this movie earn our respects. It tells the story of 3 different people living in a horrible city. A great noir film. 

1.  V for Vendetta

With the help of a woman, a mysterious figure fights to overthrow the corrupt British government. I had no trouble with choosing the number 1 for this category. Remarkable acting, great writing and amazing directing make V for Vendetta a movie that is unforgettable. I guarantee that you will want to see it multiple times. 

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