Why The Academy is Stupid by Ammar Akhtar

I've watched the Oscars these recent years and I am not happy with what it's been doing. I think of this ceremony as a celebration of cinema, but nowadays it just seems like special films getting nominated and rich people looking rich. These are a couple of ideas/suggestions that I think can help the Academy awards a lot.


#1: Why Not Motion Capture?

If you don't know, the make-up artist for Planet of the Apes (1968) received an honorary oscar for his breathtaking art work on making humans look like apes. I believe the new breed of innovative art is motion capture. The ability to create a whole being from a computer is remarkable. Benedict Cumberbatch did the motion capture work as the dragon Smaug in the Hobbit franchise. Making a huge beast from a template of a small human is just amazing. Also, it can be a unique experience for actors to do motion capture since their faces and body are not seen. The ability to do this type of work while still being a good actor just deserves some respect. I think actor Andy Serkis has done this many times, with his role as Caeser and Gollum. He deserves an oscar for his work.


#2: There are Other Movies That Have Been Released Too You Know?

Movies that are released towards the end of the year are in the so called "Oscar season". I've never understood why it has been like this. What's wrong with all the other movies released earlier in the year? One movie that has broken this rule was The Dark Knight. It won an oscar for best supporting actor, which was the only major category it was nominated for. Why not best picture or best director? I honestly thought that this film was outstanding and deserved much more awards. A movie that was really great, but may not be nominated for anything is The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Wes Anderson-directed flick came out earlier in the year. While it may be nominated for minor awards like cinematography, I don't think it will be nominated for anything major like director or best picture. I think the Academy should fix which movies are nominated because there are other great movies that have been released.


#3: What's Wrong With Leonardo DiCaprio?!?!

Leonardo DiCaprio is probably one of cinemas best actors living today, but he has yet to win an Oscar. He's been nominated four times, but last year's The Wolf of Wall Street, his performance was great. Even in Django Unchained his performance was amazing. I thought it was better than his co-star Christoph Waltz, who ended up taking the award for best supporting actor. He's given so many great performances. It kinda pisses me off not seeing him take home the gold. Honestly, just give this man an oscar already!!!!!

The Academy Awards have plenty of smaller flaws, but these are 3 which I simply cannot stand. If they want to improve the show, I think they should take these into consideration. What do you think of the Oscars? Which actors deserve awards? Did I miss something huge? Also, if you have a request on what I should do next, comment below or email me at: