Top 5 Robin Williams Movies by Daghan Dalgic

Rest In Peace, Mr. Robin Williams


After finding out that the legendary Robin Williams passed away, this list had to be published. I still can't believe that he is gone. Our prayers and thoughts at Devotion to Cinema goes to his friends and family. Robin Williams was an inspiration to many people and he will be missed but we will remember him through his incredible movies. This list contains the top 5 movies Robin Williams has starred in. 

5. Insomnia 

Robin Williams stars in a type of role that his audience isn't used to seeing him as in the Christopher Nolan's psychological thriller Insomnia.  Robin Williams plays a serial killer and his presence adds suspense in every scene he is in. Robin Williams achieves to give the audience goosebumps and this movie is a must see. 

4. Good Morning, Vietnam

Robin Williams plays a wartime, radio host angry at the United States for censoring the truth in Vietnam. His performance is very heartwarming in this comedy drama. 

3. The Fisher King

The Fisher King is a movie that is a beautiful mixture of comedy, drama and fantasy.  It is about a troubled DJ's meet with a homeless person. Robin Williams' touching performance as the homeless person has definitely left a mark in many people's hearts/ 

2. Dead Poets Society 

Robin Williams plays John Keating who breaks the rules of the school to make his students love poetry and literature. This touching performance has impacted many people around the world. 

1. Good Will Hunting 

Robin Williams' most iconic role is  certainly Sean Maguire who is a psychologist that helps a mathematically genius janitor find a path in his life. Robin Williams won an oscar for his role.