The New AJA CION 4K With In-Camera Color Correction

Watch out FS7 and URSA, there is competition. AJA has just released a new user-friendly 4K camera called CION. It has many features that make it a competition but the reason there is an article is because for the first time, a digital camera offers the option of color correcting while filming. 

The AJA CION 4K comes with many incredible features. Its 4K APS-C sized CMOS image sensor provides 12 stops of dynamic range and enables an electronic global shutter to eliminate motion skew associated with rolling shutters. It has aluminium cheese plates that are used to mount not only to AJA products but also other third parties.  3G-SDI and HDMI monitor outputs, as well as a power output, make it easy to add a monitor or viewfinder to the camera and, internal scaling.

The in-camera color correcting feature helps filmmakers experiment with the exact look that they are looking for. They can play with color and shoot according to the effect that they are going for. Not to mention this is a big time saver in post production. The video below demonstrates some of the different filters that AJA is providing. It is rumoured that they will release a video with footage shot outside to further advertise.  

Tell us what you think of this feature in the comments. Do you think this is useful and should the other camera companies adapt to this feature? And if you are interested in purchasing the AJA CION 4K, you can do so here.