My First Time Filmmaking by Daghan Dalgic

This is a new series where our filmmaker authors talk about their experiences and stories on the set for your enjoyment and reflection.

I have been making stop motion with my toy figures and clay for as long as I can remember but the first time I filmed a short movie was about two years ago. I loved doing stop motion films but I felt limited with what I could do so I decided to shoot a short movie. I had a good idea and I blindly began something, I never thought would have so much impact on me. 

At this point in my life, I did not know anything about filmmaking. However, I felt this wave of adrenaline and a cold rush that got me excited when I finalised the idea and picked up the camera. I had a tripod and a hand-cam. Nothing else. I played the role of the main character. Not because I liked acting but because I did not know who else to go to. I asked a friend of mine to play a minor role. And my journey began. 

The entire movie was shot in a very simple and amateur manner. For each shot, I clicked record and then ran into the frame. I could not do any movements or anything experimental because I needed everything to be on a tripod. There was no script or shot list for this movie. The entire thing was in my head which is very unprofessional but again I did not know what a shot list was. I edited it using iMovie and it is very evident if you watch the movie. When I watch the video now, it is very bad and hard to watch but I was completely in love with it back then. Not with the movie but the excitement filmmaking brought me. 

What is the moral of the story? If you just realised that you are into filmmaking, you do not have to read books or spend hours studying. You literally have to pick up a camera and practice. Make a bad movie and learn from it. Making this bad movie taught me so much about continuity and what I must do in order to make a movie. It was a very fun process and it was during the making of this movie I realised this is what I want to do. 

I do not like the movie at all but it taught me a lot and I keep it unlisted on Youtube so that in the future, I can see how much I improved . Here is the movie I made: 

Ever since the day, this movie was published, I kept improving. I attended New York Film Academy's courses and practiced non-stop. It's a really fun journey and I am excited about where on this path I will be in a couple of years. 

I hope this article was a good read. Please share with us your filmmaking stories in the comments. We would love to hear them! And let us know if this is a series that you would like to see more of.

And as always, may the power of cinema follow you everywhere...