4K Editing Coming To Media Composer by Aidan Ryan

Since the release of MC Version 8 by Avid earlier this year, editors have been screaming for one major upgrade: 4K output/ability. Avid has been behind the ball on this for a while now, with Adobe being their major competitor and having 4K ability. This is all about to change.

Avid is on the verge of releasing an update to Media Composer 8 which unleashes the DNxHR codec on the filmmaking community like a pack of wolves. The release is set “before the end of the year,” so Santa can bring ridiculous editing ability to filmmakers. DNxHR allows one to work and export in 4K (use AMA Link and then transcode only what you need to save computing power), but that is not all this update allows. With cameras like the RED Epic shooting massive 6K resolutions, Avid realised it needed to step up its game. 1080 doesn’t cut it anymore. 4K won’t cut it in a few years. Enter UHD. Avid knows that it needs to keep a competitive edge over Adobe, and this update will allow them to keep up for years to come. UHD has no set definition, but generally refers to the range from 4K to 8K resolutions (yes, 8K is a thing and TVs featuring this whopping resolution are expected to be released in 2020). This means that Media Composer will re-enter the arena it never left as a much stronger force. Some issues are to be expected, but this update is welcomed regardless.


©2014 Aidan Ryan