Daghan Dalgic

Founder / Writer / Editor 

I am a Turkish aspiring filmmaker living in Vietnam and story telling is one of my favourite things to do. I started this website to make it a place where cinema-lovers from around the world with different personalities could unite and share our love and devotion to cinema. 

E-mail: daghandalgic@devotiontocinema.com 

Ammar Akhtar 

Writer / Editor 

I hate sports. There really isn't anything I love to a level of movies. Movies are my life. I can go on and on talking bout them. Making movies is something I love doing as well. I can make anything, from comedy to art. 

E-mail: ammarakhtar@devotiontocinema.com 

Aidan Ryan 


I am a writer, director, and editor. I have been making short films for going on 7 years, and have loved it since day 1. When I'm not behind the camera, I enjoy fishing and learning about the world. I write for my own mini-blog, Ponderings of the Day, where I discuss any topic that may be on my mind, from theoretical physics to current politics.

E-mail: aidan.ryan@devotiontocinema.com 

Aneesh Raikundalia


From Nairobi, Kenya to Mumbai. Aneesh Raikundalia is currently pursuing his dreams to become a filmmaker and someday hopefully bring a change or make an impact on Hindi Cinema; he of course refuses to call it Bollywood. He loves good films (whatever that may mean), most of them of a serious slow type so that he can look superior to his peers. His favorite movie is a thoughtful deep masterpiece known as 'The Avengers'.

E-mail: aneeshraikundalia@devotiontocinema.com

Cameron Caves


From New York, Cameron is pursuing his dreams of being a filmmaker. 

E-mail: cameroncaves@devotiontocinema.com


Guest Writer

I’ve just moved to London recently and am loving it to bits! My favourite things are all kinds of rain, avocado smoothies and books. I adore bouncy houses and absolutely detest age limits. My three childhood heroes will always be Peter Pan, Sherlock and the Doctor. Last but not least, I really enjoy watching movies: they provide me with a fantastical escape from the drudgery of normal life and truly I must admit I’d be quite lost without them.

E-mail: lynus@devotiontocinema.com 

Jake Kelly 

Guest Writer 

I love being active and play lots of sports. My favourites are skateboarding, football (soccer) and rugby. I also enjoy snowboarding and skiing. If I'm skating around or kickin' a ball, I'm at home studying, reading, playing guitar, or catching up with Castle, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

E-mail: jakekelly@devotiontocinema.com 

Winnie Huang

Guest Writer

I'm a musician from a band called The Exit Door. I have a passion for music. When I'm not playing music I like to listen to music, draw, and of course watch movies. Movies have been a great part of my life, and I love talking about it.

E-mail: winniehuang@devotiontocinema.com